Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What have you LET him be to you?

I have always realized that the Lord never changes. Whether or not I ALLOW Him to be a part of my life or not, He remains the same. How foolish I would be if I didn't let Him into my life to "lead and guide me" into all truth, "perfect" what concerns me, be my "confidence," my "strong tower," and my "present help" in times of danger!

In raising my children, I have taught them the same thing about their relationships with each other. I have told them that they will have as good a relationship with each other as they ALLOW or LET happen. They can either have AMAZING relationships or not very good ones. The choice is theirs as to how close they can be with each other.

This is especially true in our marriages. Have you ALLOWED or LET your husband/wife into your world? Have you taken the time to explain things you're going through, and to find out what THEY are going through? Have you found out things that are special to him/her and brightened their days with special little surprises here and there? Have you LET or ALLOWED them to share a confidence of yours, to tell your concerns about your children with, to ask their opinion on something?

Make sure you take the time to be as close as you can be to each other. Stay focused on keeping the fun alive and your relationship as special as it can possibly be!

Challenge: LET your husband be everything to you. ALLOW him to be important to you! Let him into your world as much as possible! Make sure you appreciate all he is, and incorporate all he is into your home and life!

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