Saturday, December 18, 2010

Walking Through Life With You...

In the movie They Died With Their Boots On, with Errol Flynn and Olivia de'Havilland, Errol Flynn plays Custer during the time preceding and during Custer's "last stand." I love the line Custer says to his wife when he knows he'll not ever see her again:

"Walking through life with you has been a very gracious thing…"

What has "walking through life with YOU" been to your spouse?

What would you LIKE walking through life to be with you? Fun? Energizing? A very encouraging thing?

Sadly, if you asked many people today, they would say, "Walking through life with my spouse has been a very trying thing." Or a very stressful thing or a very hair raising experience!

Decide what you want "walking through life with you" to be, and make today the beginning of that experience for your spouse and for those around you.

Challenge: What is "walking through life" with YOU like?! What do you want it to be? Make a FOCUSED EFFORT so that others will have an amazing testimony of what "walking through life" with you has meant to them!

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Jessica said...

Great Advice Karen; I love this blog... please keep pouring out your wisdom, I am scooping it up! x0x0