Sunday, September 28, 2008

Giving Your Husband the "Inside Scoop"

He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.”  (Psa 103:7 KJVS)
He let Moses know his ways. He let the Israelites know the things he had done.”  (Psa 103:7 GWORD)

These portions of Scripture taught me a valuable lesson about what I wanted to make known to my husband.  God allowed Moses the "inside scoop" and let Moses know His ways, what went behind His actions, although the children of Israel just knew the things He did, His acts.

With my husband so busy at work, I always made great efforts to communicate my "ways" and our children's "ways," so when he came home he didn't just see what was going on at the moment, but knew the heart, mind, struggles, and inside scoop to why things were happening as they were.

This went a long way when it came to him being more tolerant with someone in the house that was going through something, and it made him much more sensitive to what was going on behind the scenes so he could communicate, parent, and lead more effectively.  

Often, I'll tell him, let's talk about our hopes and dreams! I make sure we talk about "inside" things that don't often come up in conversation, but things I want to be sure that he knows, and I want to know about him.   We'll go over "wish lists," things we want to do for others, and things we want to do together in the house and in our childrens' lives.   We then are able to move toward our goals together, and adapt ourselves to helping the other achieve their hopes, dreams and things important to them.

Challenge:  Does your husband know the "inside scoop" of what is happening in each of the lives in your home?  Does he know the "whys" and the feelings and attitudes behind the actions that are going on in your home?  Has he been made aware of different frustrations and trials people are going through, even emotionally, so he is able to be a better leader?  Take time to keep him well acquainted with what is going on "behind the scenes."
Also, make time to talk about your hopes and dreams and plans with your husband. Know HIS too!  Work together to help him accomplish the things most important to him!  

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