Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The "WOW" Factor...

Through the years, there have been many trying times when Gary really tested my nerves...  BUT at those times, the "WOW" FACTOR (or the "whatta guy/girl" factor) came through...

What is the WOW factor?  It's those times when you do something WAY out of the way or out of your comfort zone for the other person.  It's learning to play euchre because the other person loves it.  Playing tennis when it's your LEAST FAVORITE game because it's the other person's MOST FAVORITE.  It's learning to love football because they love it (this pays off over MANY football seasons and MANY years!).  It's doing something unexpected and amazingly special for the other person at a great personal sacrifice.  (Here Jesse gave up the big hills to hang out with Amber while she learned to ski at Boyne!)

WOW factors should be done frequently.  When is the last time you REALLY WOWED your guy/girl?  Can you list the last THREE times?  You are NEVER too busy to WOW the other person!   Then when those special times are recounted, your significant other can keep saying as they shake their head in amazement:  "WOW:  WHATTA GUY(GIRL)!!!!!"  

Challenge:  REALLY look for opportunities to WOW your significant other.  Even make a little list of ways you can continually WOW them.  Be that "WHATTA GUY!" or "WHATTA GIRL" that makes your spouse AMAZED continually!  You will NOT be sorry!

Ephesians 5:16 Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times!

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We Love to Run! said...

1. LOVE the picture!!!

2. Posted at 3am!!!! what are you doing mother!!!

3. Love this blog marriage has been an awesome thing (one month in baby!!!) but only if you PUT the work into it!!