Saturday, September 20, 2008

How You Look...

My sister has a sign hanging in front of the mirror in her bathroom saying, You are looking at the person responsible for your happiness. You will tend to look at your world from the glasses you choose to wear. I had a pair of pink colored glasses on my counter for quite some time to teach my kids and to remind myself to look at their world “through rose-colored glasses” on purpose. And what glasses do you look at your world through? Usually the glasses you are looking at the world through are colored with the STRONGEST character trait you have.

For example, if you are loyal and trustworthy, you will look at other people that way. If you have a negative, complaining spirit, when you leave a party, you will be looking at the party negatively. If you have a grateful spirit, like the women I help when I volunteer at Gilda’s Club, you will be looking at every day to find things to be grateful for.

That explains why several people can live in the same household, and later, when talking about it, they will all see it through the “glasses” they have on. 

What are YOU looking for when you get going with your day? You will see people, circumstances and situations from the glasses you put on each morning. That is why I have always found it is of utmost importance for me to begin each day by reading the Bible and concentrating on good things.

Did you ever walk along and not notice the little glittery pieces in certain parts of sidewalks? If you look carefully, and on purpose, you can spot little “diamonds in the dust.” But if you are rushing along, you will not see the little glittery pieces sprayed amongst the gray.

Stop to call attention to the leaves swirling in circles; to snow covered evergreens, to a flock of geese overhead. Train yourself to find the best in each day! Make it a point to appreciate the good parts of each day, and of each person in your life. Again, it needs to be a concentrated effort!   Retrain your vision!

Challenge:  LOOK for wonderful little "glittery" "diamonds in the dust," you may have otherwise rushed by this week.  Soak in the preciousness of each day, and of the one who loves you and has pledged their life to you.  CLEAN the glasses you look through:  are you NEGATIVE?  -by choice PUT ON a more positive outlook!  are you a COMPLAINER?  -by choice PUT ON a more grateful outlook!  And fill your home and life with JOY!

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