Monday, September 29, 2008

Quality Time

Although we always hear a big hype about "quality" time, I have come to find that "quality" time is best found in "quantity" time!  It is so important to do little things together where in the "quantity" of time "quality" is found.

My husband's parents always run all their errands together, so my husband was accustomed to seeing them together wherever they went.  I love it when my husband will go with me to the grocery store, or just to run errands with me.   Because I love it so much, I will go with him to run his errands when I can too.

We also love to play tennis together, bike, or run.  When our children were little, after dinner, he would take the kids out for a walk while I cleaned up, or, better yet, we would all go for a walk together after cleaning up.

Challenge:  Run a few errands with your husband this week!  Or do something fun together -- take a walk, play a game, or sit and talk.  Try to make it something that could become a tradition...

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Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

aww that is such a great way to look at that... people are always talking "quality" but it is all the lil deposits (so to speak) that sometime reap the greatest return on investment! =)