Friday, December 5, 2008

Get Involved!

My husband has routinely taken care of paying all the bills, and I have to say that I am glad he has! However, he and I have always felt it important for me to know what was going on with our finances.  At least once every other week, we would sit down together and go over our budget, our debts, our payment schedules, and how on track we were for paying off our house.

I hear a lot of newly married couples tell me that one person or the other takes sole responsibility for the finances.  It was again emphasized at the recent financial seminar that it is very important for both people to be involved in the very important area of finances.

Accountability in the area of finances is very important.  I felt differently about some debts than my husband did, and discussing our financial situation gave me an opportunity to state what was important to me, and how I thought we should handle it.  I believe that the involvement of both of us in the area of finances helped us to make more sound financial decisions as a couple and then for our family.

Challenge:  Make sure you are both involved in discussing the financial state of your home:  what you have coming in, what you owe, what your plans are!

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