Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Slight But Huge Difference...

There are a lot of things that seem to be slightly different, but are hugely different.  Relationships and contacts can mean two hugely different things...

For example, my husband is a man of relationships.  That means that he puts a high priority on relationships.  He has never left a fractured relationship.  When people have issues with him, on a personal or work level, he straightens problems out rather than cutting people out.  

I am a relationship person too.   I don't have an enemy and I hope I never do.  I maintain good relationships with everyone.  I refuse to have a fractured relationship.

Some people are interested in contacts.  Okay, it seems like a slight difference, but it is huge!  People that focus on contacts focus on what people can do for them; people who focus on relationships focus on what they can do to serve others.

Maintaining good relationships is difficult but well worthwhile.  It's all we end up with is our investment in relationships.  Gary's grandmother died, and because of all her fractured relationships, there wasn't anyone to even come to the funeral and so her son cremated her without a service or anything.  That is so sad to me!  She cut people out of her life one by one until no one was left!

Challenge:  Work on your relationships.  Clear up misunderstandings.  Keep a clean slate of past wrongs done to you.  Forgive.  Ask for forgiveness.  And keep working at the blessing of relationships!