Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Praying Together...

About 25 years ago we started praying together in the morning, and we still connect almost every morning to continue the habit!

Gary was mentored by someone who told him he should pray with me first thing every morning.  He is very faithful to do so.  I remember some years when the children were all younger, and Gary would be praying on the phone and I was running around after the kids the whole time.  However, we have kept at it.

Praying together connects us spiritually.  It also gives us a chance to reveal to each other what is truly on our hearts and to bring our needs to God together.

I really admire Gary for keeping up and being so faithful with this commitment.  It has been one activity that has built our relationship immensely.

Challenge:  Begin to pray together -- if you can't commit to every day, commitment to several times a week!

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