Saturday, December 6, 2008

Love is a Good Influence!

One of the criteria I always told my children for if they should date someone is if the person made them a better person as well as they made the other person a better person by being in their life.  That is something I want in my marriage:  to make my husband a better person by me being in his life, and to let him make me a better person because he is in my life!

I want to help my husband believe the best about others, to see our children's potential instead of their faults, to celebrate his victories, and to conquer his challenges.  I am keenly aware as a friend that my influence in my husband's life is a very powerful force, and I really work on making sure that my influence makes his world a more beautiful, exciting, fun, and appreciated place.

Challenge:  Work on the incredible influence you have in your spouse's life.  Make your spouse's life much better because you are in it.   Fill your spouse's life with good reports, uplifting insights, and the character traits only walking in the spirit can give you!  

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