Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Iron sharpens iron!

It takes a LOT OF TALKING to keep on the same page with your husband 0r wife. Many many times you will not feel like talking through things. You will want to sweep things under the rug or ignore things. But iron sharpens iron, and when it does, sparks can fly. Make sure you do not try to take the easy way out and avoid discussion because you disagree!

It is important to take the time to discuss the things you don't agree with so you can come to terms on some things. Be sure to not avoid confrontation -- rather, work through and get over it with a successful solution!

Challenge: Let the sparks fly, and discuss and find solutions for things you and your spouse need to work through!


Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

i love this analogy ;)

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Cathy said...

I've missed your blogs for the past few weeks! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season with your family!