Monday, October 6, 2008

Is he winning in your eyes???

During football season, my daughter was relating an interesting fact to me about when she and Gabe went with some friends to the Michigan game.  She was laughingly telling me how they left after Michigan was waaaaaaay down (only to find out later they had an incredible "comeback" and won!)

It's true -- guys will tend to "walk out of the game" if they don't feel they're winning.  They'll lose interest and won't even want to wait for a "comeback."

Is your guy/girl a "winner" in your eyes?  Do you make them feel like they're on top of their game with you?  Are you looking for ways to cheer them on, or are you always blowing the whistle on them??!!  

Challenge:  Make sure you make your spouse feel like a "winner" -- like they're on the winning team!   Cheer them on and show them how special they are to you!  Make it EASY for them to be around you because you are there expecting the best!

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Anonymous said...

Karen ..grrreat analogy to ALL of us young, and old alike it seems to be some of us want to leave the game when we don't think we will win the game...BUT.. if we stick around long enough to our SURPRISE!! we will WIN!!! the GAME!