Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soaked or Parched Sponge?

Why do some people just soak up every little compliment given to them as they go about their day, enticed by any attention someone gives them?  I consider the word picture of a sponge.  When the sponge is soaked in water, excess water isn't needed or soaked up by the sponge.
However, when the sponge is parched, it will soak up every little drop of water given to it.

When your spouse leaves the house, is it as a parched sponge or a soaked one:  one that has been starved of basic attention, compliments, and appreciation, or one soaked with attention, compliments, and appreciation?!

Challenge:  Make sure you overly "soak" your partner with attention and compliments so they aren't a parched sponge walking around soaking up any compliment that comes their way!

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