Friday, October 3, 2008

Sharing Each Other!

Yes, I said "sharing each other" not "sharing WITH each other"!  My husband and I have kept a loose "rein" on each other, even from the start.  We "shared" the other person with others.  I LOVED when my husband got together with his friends to golf or watch boxing or whatever sport was on "pay tv" and came back all refreshed and energized.  And he never stopped me from getting together for women's groups or other good things I chose to be involved in.

Living happily ever after is a LIFETIME of togetherness!  Allow your husband/wife to keep good solid Christian friendships and it will pay big dividends!   When your husband's/wife's friends come over to your house, make it a point to join in and get to know them.   

I know one husband who used to call me when I headed Women's Ministries for our church, and he used to ask me when the next women's meeting was so he could sign his wife up!!!  That is a man who realized the VALUE of surround his wife with good Christian friends!

Challenge:   Make sure your husband/wife makes time to keep connected with their close Christian friends!   Encourage your husband/wife to keep up with their workout schedule, book club, or any other hobbies that make them "shine."  Take time to "join in" with your husband or wife's friends when they drop in the house so they feel they are friends to both of you!   Enjoy seeing your significant other enjoy his/her friends and social life, even if it means you have to sacrifice a few hours without them!  Give the relationship a little "breathing" space!

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