Friday, October 10, 2008

More tools for your marriage!!!

Sandpaper:  Where things are made to fit there are always rough areas that need to be sanded away. Ladies, it is NOT your business to change your husband, and GUYS it is NOT your business to change your wife!  – there was NOTHING in your vows about that! It IS your business to love and appreciate your each other. When you ON PURPOSE decide you are NOT the judge, jury and microscope to magnify everything s/he is NOT, you will be able to love your each other more effectively.   Pray!  And enjoy the differences that make up your team. 

The leveler is one of my favorite tools, and one which I feel is increasingly important in my life every day. Balance, balance, balance. Your life is TODAY. If you want to enjoy your life, you must enjoy it today!  How do you respond – is your spouse harsh? Balance it out! Bring your perspective to the table…  Wait – be patient! Be REALISTIC and REASONABLE!!! It’s great to have a cup of coffee with a friend or even a few minutes on the phone – you may not have time for a complete lunch! 

BALANCE YOUR EXPECTATIONS! Help your husband/wife ENJOY his/her life as much as possible being married to you!  JOY in the midst of busyness and craziness -- your capacity for JOY passes on to your children –  JOY in winter! Talk about it with your children. If you can institute this tool into your life & put it into your childrens’ toolboxes not only will YOU be blessed but your children will as well!  Hannah told me as she studied vigorously for tests at U of M Dental School that she was SO HAPPY I taught her how to work in JOY every day -- even through stressful times!  

Challenge:  Can you add sandpaper and the leveler to the toolbox?  Can you smooth out the rough areas you see in each other?  Look for the best!  Is your life in balance -- are you making time for a little fun even in the midst of craziness.  Is your spouse able to enjoy their life MORE because YOU are in it?!  What is the big BENEFIT of being married to YOU?!  Have you balanced your expectations?  Where can you be more reasonable and realistic?  Where can you infuse more JOY in your home?

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