Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surrounded by Love...

Early in our marriage, my husband and I made sure that we stay involved in Church activities. Our schedules were so busy -- at times Gary worked two jobs, one that involved heavy travel, and with our children coming at rapid speed, we were definitely "overloaded."  However, we made sure we stayed involved with couples from Church regularly.

Another thing we did that made us totally accountable to some good teachings and information is to stay connected with other couples through meeting at our home and other homes.  We went through Home Builders and various other studies together.  We had card parties and talked about the Lord together all the time.  We had prayer meetings often.

We also went to "tent meetings," evangelistic revival meetings, and special guest speaker meetings.  We went to Full Gospel dinners.  Some of these things were great; some just ok. The important thing is that we kept FUELING OURSELVES and ENGULFING OURSELVES in the Word and positioning ourselves with others who felt the same way.

By doing this, we surrounded ourselves with love and kept ourselves challenged and in the Word.   I love to see young couples who make sure that they make time to do things for God and connect with other believers inside their Church and outside their Church.  The prioritizing, and strength, and bond created with build and stabilize strong bridges for when the waters can rage below!

Challenge:  Get involved in some way, preferably together.  Get together with other couples and do a study together.  Get to special events or speakers a few times a year.   Have a few couples over your house at least once a quarter to stay connected with each other!  Keep yourselves insulated with love!

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