Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marriage is Hard Work!

Having a good marriage is hard work.  It doesn't happen by accident!  Just like if you planted seeds in your garden and just LEFT IT ALONE -- nothing GOOD would happen -- in fact, it would be overrun with weeds and whatever else "drifted" in to the garden!

Same way with marriage...  You need to tend to your marriage, take time, get RID of weeds and anything that will hinder the best for your marriage, put time and energy into it...

Just like WORK -- the more effort you put into making your marriage exceptional, the more your marriage will reflect the rewards of your efforts.

Have you WORKED at your marriage lately, or have you been lazy and just "coasting"?!  What work needs to be done IMMEDIATELY to make your marriage better?  What WEEDS need to be pulled?  

Challenge:  WORK at your marriage today and every day.  Put forth efforts that are definable.  Write down at least three things each day that you specifically DO to make your marriage better!  And watch the harvest grow!

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Gabe ♥ Hannah said...

"left alone... nothing good will happen"

i love this line