Saturday, October 18, 2008

Living from the inside out...

Sometimes someone pays you a compliment or says something really nice about your character and attitude, and it means a lot to you.  However, it means the most to me when someone who knows me inside and out, and has seen me in good times and in bad times says something nice about my character.

I believe that you should live your life from the "inside out".  The people in your home, starting with your spouse, should get the best of you and not the worst.  Unfortunately, too many people impress people outside their family, and allow their manners to get sloppy inside their homes.  I live the opposite:  I give my best to the people who live with me.  If my family isn't impressed by the person I am or the attitude I have, than it doesn't matter what other people think who only have "partial" information.  I want my family to be amazed first of all!  They deserve the best of me anyways, because they are the ones supporting me and putting up with me all the time!

Challenge:  Live your life from the inside out.  Purpose to put your best foot forward in your home FIRST, and then extend yourself to others!   Don't let yourself get "sloppy" in your manners at home!


We Love to Run! said...
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We Love to Run! said...

this is really good!! Love you mom love reading these little pieces of advice