Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tools for Building Your Marriage

The first thing a builder needs is a blueprint - a model – with functional ideas to build the house of his dreams. A house makes an impression on passersby. What are some of the ideas YOU have as you build your marriage? What do you want said at your 50th wedding anniversary about your marriage? What do you want your marriage to look like to your kids and other passersby?   

We usually picture a builder with a pencil behind his ear for marking up things. Notice what could make your marriage better and MARK what you need to do. I’ve seen too many couples leave one marriage that had a good foundation and just needed attention and renovation only to get themselves into a second marriage that had major termites. C’mon, every few months you look around and SOMETHING in your house needs remodeling. What about your MARRIAGE???!!! What area do you need to remodel? Mark it and pay attention!

A SAW cuts and shapes to fill a specific spot. There are so many saws: circular, rotary, hand… they take a skilled hand or the materials SPLITS! The more quality the material the more skill to cut it and make it fit. You have unique circumstances in your marriage. Make your unique circumstances work for you!   One thing I’ve realized is that you will ALWAYS have to deal with the HARD PART of your unique circumstances. But don’t forget to ENJOY and CONCENTRATE on the benefits! 

Challenge:  Lay out the blueprint for what you want your marriage to be, and start working towards that vision!  Mark things that need to be worked on right now to start making your marriage ideal -- your dream marriage!  Make the unique circumstances of your marriage fit into the blueprint -- assess the hard part of your unique circumstances, but look for, enjoy and concentrate on the benefits!  

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