Thursday, October 2, 2008

Numbering System

A lot of times when my husband and I came to an impasse, a decision that we didn't agree on, we learned to do a "numbering system."  He would say how important the issue was to him, using 1 for least importance and 10 for most important, and then I would do the same.  You couldn't have everything be a "10" either!  Then we would consider the person to whom the issue meant the most to, and give them preference.

For example, when Gary wanted to get Danny a bb gun, it was a 10 to me that he didn't have one, and only a 5 or 6 to Gary that he get one.  So we decided not to get him one.

I believe this system worked well for us when we had to use it to get by an impasse in our decision making.

Challenge:  Try the "numbering system" when you both feel differently about something!  Post results!

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