Thursday, November 27, 2008

Being Thankful

So many times, we get our eyes off the many many things we have and get our eyes or minds on the one thing or few things we don't have.  Many people have the uncanny ability of focusing on the things they wish their spouses were instead of the many things their spouses already are.   Like Eve in the Garden of Eden, we lose the appreciation for all the things we have and instead start to feel gypped.

This is so unfair to yourself and to your spouse.  By keeping your eyes on something you don't have, you fail to appreciate all the wonderful things you have.  Also, your spouse can't be appreciated by you, because your eyes are set on only a certain thing or expectation you have.

Challenge:  Each and every day look at all the things your spouse is and give thanks for each and every thing on that list.   Forget about the things your spouse isn't; be grateful for everything he/she is.

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