Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Become One

It is a mystery how when you are married, you become ONE with your spouse!  I think as you grow together and really make it your business to know your spouse and love him/her despite differences, you actually begin to understand how they feel even before they tell you.  So many times I will think something and Gary will do exactly what I was thinking!  

Although the marriage is the event that makes you one, it really seems more like a process that needs to be worked out day after day.  It become a choice.  Here are a few ways to work on really becoming one:

*Care about what your spouse cares about.
*Feel your spouse's emotions with them.  Even if your spouse holds things inside, try to understand what emotions he/she is feeling and feel those emotions with them.
*Try to anticipate your spouse's needs and meet them.
*Somehow touch base with each other during the day, even if just for a minute.

Challenge:  How are you one day by day?  Think of ways each day to show your oneness in a tangible way.  

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