Monday, November 24, 2008

The Only November 24, 2008 EVER

It is sometimes sobering to think that this day, November 24, 2008, will be the only November 24, 2008 we will ever have in our lives.  What we choose to do with this day is up to us.  I refuse to take this "present" and drag it through the mud.  I refuse to waste this "present," and I refuse to make this one November 24, 2008 a day I willfully ruin because of bad choices.

This "present," this day, is given to me by the Lord as a gift.  I choose to make it a day where I am the best I can be, regardless of negative or positive circumstances.  I purpose to bless others that come in contact with me.  I purpose to make this day one where I purposefully worked to make my spouse's life better because I'm in it.  

If I blow it, I can never re-live this day again.  I purpose to live each day wisely, so I have no regrets.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom.” (Psa 90:12 AMP)

Challenge:  Live this day as if it were a day to represent all you ever wanted to be as a wife or husband.  Live this day as the "present" it was given you to be.  Make it count for something positive and amazing.  Make others' lives better because they had you cross their paths.  Keep this day special on purpose by being as amazing as you can be!

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