Sunday, November 23, 2008

Working it Out!

Gary and I met while training for the marathon, and so our relationship started and was built on running, racquetball, rollerskating, biking, tennis, and working out at Vic Tanny's (now Bally's!).  Even through all five of our children being born and growing up, we always encouraged each other to stay in good shape.  Gary always understood that I made time to work out, and I always encouraged him to work out and helped make time when I could for him to do so.

Even when it involved sacrifices on each other's part, we would support each other going to the gym, getting on the treadmill, or running outside.   More often than not, it takes a sacrifice for one of us to do without the person working out, but the sacrifice has been well worth it.  

I am thankful that we encourage each other to keep working out!

Challenge:  Encourage your spouse to take the time to either work out, walk, run, bike or swim, or anything else to help stay in good shape.  The extra energy and good feeling you will each get from keeping in shape will be a huge benefit!

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