Sunday, November 30, 2008

Financial Communications

Today's financial seminar was amazing.  One of the constant reminders each of the amazing speakers went back to is communicating.  One thing that was difficult for my husband and I at first was just that:  communicating about something we felt differently about.  I thought we should put some purchases higher on the importance list in our budget; Gary thought otherwise.  Although it was sometimes easier NOT to communicate, we plundered through and kept at it til we got great at it by sheer repetition!  It helped that I respect and honor my husband's lead as the final decision -- if I felt I deserved an "equal" vote we would have NEVER been able to get through some of our impasses!

Keep discussing your finances and your financial decisions.  Share your heart, dreams and visions for your finances.  Share your plans to get there.  Share your priority list.  Over and over.  Daily! 

Challenge:  Make it a point to discuss your financial situation today, and then go over the discussion regularly.  Make a plan together to achieve financial freedom -- that point when you are DEBT FREE!

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