Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Never Underestimate the Small Stuff!

Because my days have so much scrunched into them, I have learned to appreciate the value of even just a few minutes. I used to wait to have a large block of time to do things in, but I've learned large blocks of time rarely come, so do a LITTLE in a SMALL block of time!

I've put this principle to good use in my marriage too. I've realized the value of doing just a bunch of little things to show Gary I care about him. Organizing his mail takes just a few minutes but helps him when he gets home. Making a call he wanted me to make or running an errand he wanted. Putting a little note in his cupboard, bringing him a sandwich if he's working in the basement, bringing him a glass of water if he's outside or finishing a run. Little statements here and there that tell him how much I appreciate him or what I appreciate about him...

Little things can mean a lot, and added up and consistently done show someone you are thinking of them. Many little gestures, or seeds planted, end up creating an amazing harvest in your marriage.

In the same way, many little inconsiderations, many little sarcastic digs, many little thoughtless remarks wear down a beautiful relationship. Never underestimate the power of little termites eating away at a foundation! Over time, the house crumbles!   Don't think that just because you didn't see any destruction with a negative comment that there wasn't any.  Over time, little things will erode a strong foundation.  Be sure not to allow these little termites into your relationship!

Challenge:  Look at the many little opportunities you have for doing good for your spouse!  Do as many little things as you can to build up your relationship!  Look for little termites that have crept in to your relationship that could slowly eat away at a strong foundation over time.  Get rid of any of those little destructive things immediately.  

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