Monday, November 3, 2008

Read the Signs!

Sometimes you may be cruising down the road, and you come to a big bright sign.  You know, as a conscientious driver, you need to read the signs to really pay attention to abnormalities in the road, or you could be headed for a crash!

The same thing happens when you're just cruising along in your marriage...  You need to read the signs for some abnormalities sometimes, and make adjustments in how you go forward so you don't crash!  

Don't you wish the signs were more obvious - bright colors and distinct shapes:

STOP - Just stop right there.  Don't try to fix everything, don't say another thing.  STOP!
YIELD - Yield to your spouse!  Let them GO with what they want to do or with what they said, and give it a break.
MERGE - Time to merge both of your ideas together so you both fit on the road ahead!
CHILDREN CROSSING - There is something that demands your attention and needs you to SLOW EVERYTHING WAY DOWN.  Take a break!
BRIDGE MAY BE ICY - You are treading on thin ice -- be cautious going forward!

Challenge:  Read the signs in communicating!  Pretend they are brightly colored so you DON'T miss them!  And heed the warning signs so you can proceed the way you are supposed to proceed and not crash!

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We Love to Run! said...

This is a good post I really think the signs can help alot!!

luv u mom