Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Final Say

I am glad I have a strong leader for my husband.  The Word tells me the man is the head of the household, and I am glad that my husband carries that responsibility!  That doesn't mean he's always right or always makes the correct choices, but he considers all our family, makes the final determination, and then we go with it.  

Quite often I didn't agree, but I submitted to my husband and trusted God to lead our family through him, and I know that the Lord honored my submission.  One time that was particularly difficult was when our family was at a church that I really loved and Gary felt that we needed to leave there, so we did.  That was tough.  Another time Gary felt the Lord impressing him that a friend of ours in need, with his wife and four children, should move in with us while waiting for their house to be ready.  We had a child every age from 1 - 9 in our home, and it was a testimony of the grace of God!  

Some decisions involved financial setbacks, some job changes, and many about what we could afford and what we couldn't afford.  I never came against my husband's final say, and although he was interested in my opinion many times he didn't agree with it!

I have to say that in a marriage, it can't be a partnership.  God has set it up to be a union led by a man, with his wife submitting to his leadership, and of course both of them submitting to each other in love, and the children respecting and honoring the parents' leadership.  When Gary wasn't home, we still abode by his rules.  I was sure to let him know what was going on in the house, and keep him current on things he needed to know to make decisions effectively.

It is not always easy when you don't agree with each other, but if the wife remembers she is to submit to her husband as unto the Lord, and if the husband remembers he is to consider the wife and lay down his life for her as Christ did for the church, the Lord will honor His Word and your obedience to it with harmony beyond what you could have ever achieved without His blessing!

Challenge:  Wives, honor and respect and admire your husband for his leadership.  Ask him for the last word in decisions.  Make sure you keep him posted of all the facts to make a balanced decision.  Support his decisions, regardless of the outcome!  Husbands, love your wives and listen and know where she is coming from when you make decisions.  Make the best decisions for everyone, knowing full well you will give account to the Lord for the decisions you make for your family.  And watch the glory of the Lord fill your home as you live by His standards!

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