Friday, November 7, 2008

My Best Friend

When two of my nieces were younger, it was so cute when one of them said, about the other one: "She is my best friend.  I don't like her!"

Over the past 27 years of being married (today is our anniversary!), occasionally my husband and I have felt that way about each other.  VERY occasionally.  

The majority of the time, we are there for each other.  We have both sacrificed immensely for each other.  We are each other's best friend.

What exactly is a best friend to you?  Are you those things to your best friend?  Here are a few things that I look for in a friend, and so I try to be those things to my husband:

*I drop everything if he needs me to do something.
*I enjoy doing things with him that he enjoys doing.
*I do things for him whenever I can.
*I give him behind the scenes information and make myself available for him to give me behind the scenes information about the way he feels about things.
*I can be trusted with his secrets, and I trust him with mine.
*I have fun with him, and I make sure that I am fun to be around for him.
*I purposely enjoy his friends and hobbies, and he mine.
*We make time for each other.

Challenge:  Make a list of about 6-10 things that you value most in a friend, and be those things to your spouse!

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