Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love Me Love My FAMILY!

One of the prerequisites when I was younger and dating was that our dates got along with our family. It is funny that here I am, years later, and they feel the same way! It is very important to them that the people they hang out with get along with their family! We have SO much FUN with our family that now the joy is multiplying with the extra wonderful people involved with my children!

On the same hand, it is important that you get along with and have fun with your spouse's family!  It is important that you mingle with the people who are important to your spouse, and to whom your spouse is important to!  With the upcoming holidays, be sure to set aside some special times to share with your spouse's family!

Get to appreciate who they are, and what their contribution has been in making your spouse the person he/she is.  Celebrate your spouse's family traditions as well as your own.  Open your circle and let their family IN!

Challenge:  Make calls once in awhile and set aside special time to spend with your spouse's family.  Value them for the contribution they have made into the life of your spouse!  Enjoy the advantage of doubling your family!  Celebrate the holidays with both sides!

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