Sunday, November 16, 2008


Forgiveness is a powerful tool in a relationship.  First of all, it admits we are all human and make mistakes.  Secondly, it reaffirms to your spouse that you love them not because they're perfect.  Forgiveness stops your prayers from being unheard (Matt 5.23-24).  It prevents a root of bitterness from overtaking you (Heb 12.14-15).  It avoids stress, which often causes sickness and disease, so it's actually healthy to forgive!  It makes for much happier days together.  Plus, when you forgive someone, they will love you even more!

“That’s why I’m telling you that her many sins have been forgiven. Her great love proves that. But whoever receives little forgiveness loves very little.””
(Luke 7:47 GWORD)

Reminder:  After you forgive (sometimes you need to forgive without being asked!), make it easy for your spouse to turn things around!

Challenge:  Forgive your spouse and make it easy to turn the day around quickly!  Don't be a hard taskmaster just waiting for someone to make a mistake so you can bomb-blast them!  Test your "turn-around" time and see how quickly you can turn the situation around and redeem your day!

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