Saturday, November 1, 2008

Make a way back...

Often when someone is acting stupidly or being extremely crabby or angry, it is easy for the other person to shut down on them, and when they decide to "change their mind" and change their attitude the other person won't let them "back in".  Give someone a chance to "change their mind" and "change their mood" without closing them out for the rest of the night!

Make it easy for someone to "come back in" to the night after they've been acting stupidly.  A lot of times someone will realize how stupidly they've been acting, but by then the night is ruined because the other person won't capitulate, or they have to make (or stress) a "point".

Challenge:  Make it easy for your spouse to "change their mind/heart" if they've been acting stupidly -- make it easy to come back in to the night and have a great time together!

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