Thursday, November 13, 2008

Read it Together!

When we were first married, right away we started teaching a couples' class at Church.  We were in charge of the young marrieds, and we had a lot of get-togethers, retreats, special speakers, and Sunday School classes.  We also had a Home Builders' group that met in our home, and I personally did a ladies' Bible study that ran every other week for about a year and a half.  It was AWESOME to surround ourselves with people that were young marrieds, as well as to have the accountability to "live up to" some of the information we learned and were teaching at the same time!

I would encourage each couple to try to be a part of some group that meets, even if just once a month, to encourage each other with your marriages.  Start a "Fireproof Your Marriage" home group (there are materials available at the Christian Book Store complete with study guides!), or teach a Sunday School group or Wednesday night Bible study group...

If it is not possible, pick up a book for married couples and read through it together.  Tonight, at a work event for Gary, I ran into a couple who told me that he had recommended the book about love languages by Gary Smalley and they had read it together and loved and benefitted from it!  If it is not possible to lead a group, just think of the advantages of you and your spouse going through a few books about marriage together!  

Challenge:  Either get involved in a group that meets regularly with some type of home-building materials or pick up a good Christian book on marriage and read it through with your spouse!  Make two days a week, or even one, where you read through a chapter together, and watch your marriage and relationship benefit from the investment!

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