Friday, November 14, 2008

Reaching Your Full Potential

These reminders to reaching your full potential apply to our marriages, but were given at a business meeting by Gary:

1.  Find your invisible, buried treasures.  What is IN you that you NEED to bring OUT?!

2.  Don't allow "negative things" to take up space!  GET RID OF ALL NEGATIVES for a positively wonderful relationship!

3.  Evaluate your decisions in the present and how they affect the future.  Then, CHANGE the present immediately if it will adversely affect your future! 

4.  Ask "What can I do to make the situation better?"  My advice on this one is the word "immediately do" -- jump into making the situation better and don't waste precious time arguing!

5.  Achieve BIG goals through SMALL steps.  There are little things you can do that will ultimately achieve much larger goals!

6.  Develop the ability to hate the right things -- Hate the things that NEED to be hated:  time wasters (arguing!), prayer effectiveness robbers (unforgiveness!), laziness that prevents you from doing what needs to be done, lack of empathy, etc.

7.  Do not strive to be noticed or to get all the credit.  After all is said and done, who CARES who had to "give in" to make it right?!

8.  Do not make decisions based on fear of how others will react.  Just do the right things, over and over again, and don't worry about losing "face" or what other people might say to do! 

9.  Give back more than you are given.  If you could keep giving back WAY more than you are given (in any relationship!), you will be on the right track!

Challenge:  Reach your full potential in your marriage by highlighting a few of these areas you want to work on and spot-focusing on them!

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